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How would you like to learn how to fish in the Futures and Forex Marketplace? We can teach you and provide all of the necessary learning tools such as videos and free webinars every week (Tuesday's) so you learn and retain fast. The average time to learn these procedures takes anywhere from 2 -8 weeks but the great news is you can actually start making money the next day after you sign up. It is called “Earn While You Learn”. We have 3 live trade rooms with professional traders that call out Live Trades starting every morning between 7:30 till 11:30 EST, then we have one in the afternoon and one in the evening Monday thru Friday. So no matter what time of the day works best for you there is always a Live Trade Room open. Students are making money everyday as they learn which will offset the cost of the program we offer. These principles were developed and are taught by a renowned Trader that calls out the Trades Live in front of you, in the morning session and will answer all questions that students have no matter what they are. He mentored myself and hundreds of other students. All trading rooms are taught by graduates of Simon's teachings.

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Most traders use random stops and for Swings  they can be as high as 50 ticks . Do you know by using our SMART stop techniques in accordance to our teachings you can trade with 3 to 10 ticks stops even for long term trades?
When we place our stops, we do NOT use traditional stop placements. Let me show you how I can save you 10's of thousands per year, just on stops!  
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  We are committed to pushing the envelope of education and trading.  This year we have decided to take it a step further and post the actual running totals of the GTR live trades.
Please read our full risk disclosures.  These are live trades and your totals may differ.  Please click on the "Live Track Record"
  See Our Live Track Record  

       "Trading your system I have had no losing days this week. I have averaged out   92.5 ticks per day."  
        Brent, Canada 
My stop loss has been reduced from 15-20 ticks to 3-5 ticks & with 80% profitability.
Bruce, Ireland 
          Simon, Kai and Jay,
Had a great 2 weeks learning, I took advantage since I had to stay home for 2 weeks after my hospital stay for an infection. I took a lot of simulated trading with the trades given in the room and followed along, which helped quite a bit. If I did not understand why we are taking the trade I waited for the great explanations that followed. Thanks it was great experience. VJames Feb 2014
"I began to trade seriously, though with inconstant results, in 2007. I am a 2013 student and graduate, of the Global Trade Room. After constant attempts at finding the one mentor that could not only trade, but teach, I found Simon and his team at the Global Trade Room. Were it not for this, I would be done with trading. Simply put, the GTR has given me the single most valuable piece to the puzzle, consistency and trust in myself. Thanks to Simon and his team, today I trade without fear, without hesitation and with profitability."  
Bob, A. Jan 2014
I trust Simon and his team – they are the only one's who can teach you to become a professional trader. Before I met him I lost several thousands of dollars because of not understand the strategy and methodology behind trading. Frank T. Jan 2014