Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Are One Touch Binary Options and How To Profit From Them?

One Touch Binary options are a fantastic new way to trade stocks, currencies, indices, gold and oil and that is just a few of the over 50 plus available.

Because they give returns of up to 550% on your options they are one of the best trading opportunities around. You can now purchase these options each and every day from Monday through Friday and the trading option will stop at approximately 5pm GMT on the same day. You can also purchase these trading instruments on Saturdays and Sundays also and those options will expiration on the next Friday.

One Touch options provide you with enriching economic trading due to the fact:
• they provide you with amazing returns: from 60% - 500% for every option you trade
• the trade ends each and every day/week, at 17.00 GMT or 19.30 GMT on Friday • they are sold at a predetermined price which is not what the current market price was when bought
• if it is more than the market price it is called a "Call" option • if it is beneath the market price it is called a "Put" option
• One Touch trading options have been also called "all or nothing options". If your one touch option trade ends "in the money" you'll receive the full amount of the payout, if it's "out of the money" you'll lose the total amount of the trades value

How and Where Can You Buy These One Touch Options?

One Touch Binary options are available on many different trading platforms. They are purchased in units and every unit costs around $100 or €100 but only between Monday through Friday. They are also sold in units of $200 or €200 between Saturday and Sunday. You can buy up to five units of any single One Touch option, and you will be able to order as many different One Touch options as you would prefer to.

You will discover One Touch options for sale directly from the link below and then you may select "One Touch" in the tabs menu.

Each specific option will show the going price at which you'll be "In The Money" in addition to the return on your investment which you will also make.

Let's recap on how One Touch Binary Options function?

Every trading day that the market is open (Monday to Friday) when the option is bought until it expires, the original price of the one touch option is verified one time per day at 17:00, precisely at that time is when the Reuters 17:00 sample rate will expire.

Should the price at that time on any given day is equal to - or above on a Call then the option will expire "in the money"..

If the price during those times on any day does not reach the predetermined dollar amount then the one touch option will end "out of the money".

These options are settled every week at 19:30 GMT on Friday. When this occurs your money for the successful trades will be deposited straight into your personal account.

To start trading One Touch binary options just follow this link.

Here is a Trading Example:
Asset: Apple. Spot rate 230. One touch rate 260. "In the money" payout 500%. Unit price $200. Units bought: 3.

In the above example, if Apple rises to 260 or above at 17.00 GMT on Monday through Friday it will be "in the money" and a 500% take profit of $3000 will have been made. But if it does not reach this goal at any such times then the trading option will end "out of the money".

One Touch Binary options can be exciting, simple, and financially worthwhile. To see this great opportunity and to try One Touch trading for yourself Click Here.
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